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    Of course it's a driver bug as the IGP runs well under Windows with several drivers and Ubuntu 8.10 with their 8.543 driver. I patched FGLRX 8.11's firegl_public.c so that all "#ifdef __SMP__" were replaced with "#if CONFIG_SMP" (found that patch here in Phoronix forums, can't find it now - it was for some Suse flavour), installed, rebuilt the kernel module, installed that one and the driver worked, at least until XV usage froze the machine (first graphics, than sound, than aéverything).

    It (building the driver packages correctly, only a module for the i686 is being built) doesn't work with AMD64 kernel in x86 userland anyway and I don't want to mess with too many work-arounds as I update Lenny regularly and might switch to testing again once lenny is out for some time.

    I might give it another shot with 8.12. And 9.1 .. and 9.2 ..

    Oh my, I'm hoping for radeonhd to mature some day...

    Edit: So I've pulled radeonhd from git, built it, copied to /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/
    It works, no hickups, no hang, no freeze. Yet, neither DRI nor exa nor xaa are supported by now, neither is Xv. I'm back to Nv :-/
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