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Open Source Driver on HD 3200 Fedora 10 Preview

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    Just a caution here -- a lot of people use "2d", "modesetting" and "video acceleration" interchangeably. It's a lot less confusing if you keep them separate :

    * modesetting : ability to enable display and set modes, ie ability to see a desktop properly on the screen. May also include shadowfb acceleration -- having the software rendering paths draw into a virtual screen in system memory for higher performance then blitting changes up to the frame buffer on the video card

    * 2d - hardware acceleration of 2d drawing APIs, typically XAA and/or EXA

    * video - hardware acceleration of video rendering APIs, typically XV

    Some folks talk about the open drivers "having 2d support" because they light up the screen and let you apparently do everything, except 3d is really slow and video is somewhat slow. That is just modesetting support with shadowfb acceleration, but shadowfb runs almost as fast as basic hw 2d accel these days.

    Both open drivers have full modesetting support for everything up to 770, plus partial modesetting support for the just-released 710 and 730. Full modesetting support for 710 and 730 is being added to radeonhd now and may already be complete (not sure, I was away for a week). Both drivers have shadowfb - you can call that 2d acceleration but it's less confusing if you don't

    Both open drivers have 2d, video and acceleration support for GPUs up to r5xx and rs690. Past that, both drivers have shadowfb acceleration only. We are working on getting 2d, video and 3d support for 6xx and 7xx, including rs780, out now. Unlike previous generations where 2d accel, video accel and 3d accel came out in stages separated by 2-3 months, support for the three different areas of acceleration are likely to come out relatively close together this time.
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      I stand corrected. Thank-you.

      This, ladies and gentlemen, was the definitive straight answer.


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        Originally posted by spikethehobbitmage View Post
        Fedora 10 includes xorg-x11-drv-ati-6.9.0
        that version is about 4 months old
        you probably need to build from git
        Well, Fedora versioning for ati driver doesn't perfectly match the upstream one. If I'm not wrong, Fedora version of the driver is often even ahead of the git because they maintain their own patches (for example the 6.9.0 in Fedora 10 supports kernel modesetting).
        So if you use rawhide you'll be quite sure to have nearly the latest driver.

        If you want you can take a look at the changelog of the driver here: