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Testing Out The Configurable TDP On AMD's Kaveri

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    Originally posted by gigaplex View Post
    You do realise that the laws of thermodynamics still applies? If it's producing 45W of heat, it's at least using 45W of electricity.
    Not quite because the TDP defines an approximate of the maximum amount of heat that the processor is allowed to produce, and has no bearing to how much heat is produced during any particular workload, only that the heat produced is (supposed to be) < TDP, now how this is measured though varies between vendors as guido said. AMD pushes their processor to the wall when determining this, Intel not so hard.


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      Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
      You do realize that TDP is a measure of heat production not energy draw right? Hence it expanding to: Thermal Design Power...
      Yes, but it's obviously going to draw less current if it has to release less heat
      I know it's not exactly the best way to compare stuff, but I think that it still show how well Kaveri does at the lower end.

      @Everyone else
      Yes, FPS/W.
      I realized that I've got it flipped after 5 minutes (stupid 5 minutes limit...), and my second post was put into moderation for whatever reason.


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        Michael, can we have actual chart(s) about the real power drain when cTDP is set to 45W ?
        Because i know that one thing is what we set it for and another is what it is really spending....and i know from A8-7600 reviews.

        AMD says that other Kaveris besides A8-7600 will be less eficient with cTDP set, so, i was curious about actual values of a A10-7850K set to 45W.


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          I also can't find numbers about the resulting CPU frequencies for the cTdp settings. That would be very helpful, too.

          Anyway, thanks for the first cTDP related benchmarks I can find in the net!