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IBM Opens Up POWER Architecture For Licensing

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    Originally posted by Obscene_CNN View Post
    well here are some SAP Standard Application Benchmarks. (Note that 8 core Power 7+ chips could be used to level the playing field )

    (POWER7+, 3.41 Ghz) IBM Flex System p270 Compute Node, 4 Processors / 24 Cores

    Dialog Steps Per Hour : 4103000
    SAPS : 68380
    Fully Processed Line Items Per Hour : 1367670

    (Intel Xeon Processor E5-4650, 2.7 Ghz) Dell PowerEdge R820, 4 Processors / 32 Cores

    Dialog Steps Per Hour : 4241000
    SAPS : 70680
    Fully Processed Line Items Per Hour : 1413670
    Let's be fair and compare against the 8 core Power7

    IBM p750 POWER7 3.55Ghz 4s/32c/128T - 93,080 SAPS ... 3BD00B024B

    IBM Flex p260 POWER7+ 4.1Ghz 2s/16c/64T - 54,700 SAPS ... 2D331FE3FF

    Bear in mind that the top bin 8 core Power7+ is 4.22Ghz which hasn't been tested yet on this benchmark.

    Per core Power7+ is around 50-60% faster than Intel.

    IBM will be licensing the Power8, not Power7. A couple of articles just popped up:

    If what IBM is quoting is true that Power8 is 3x faster than Power7, this makes Power8 up to 4.5x faster than the fastest Intel chip.

    "You can imagine if you have 3x the performance of a Power7, you can do some very interesting things, Steucheli said.


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      According tho this article the power 8 is 1.6 times faster than the power 7+ on single thread apps.

      It also notes that the cache bandwidth has doubled and it has provisions for a L4 cache.


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        Originally posted by Timrjothy
        My bet's on consoles made this happen. (I.e was the last straw.)
        Could be so.
        But perhaps that wouldn't have happened if they did what they now did five years ago.