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IBM Continues Advancing PowerPC For Linux

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    I really do miss PowerPC, it really was far faster then x86 for a number of tasks back when they where still a consumer product.

    Originally posted by liam View Post
    They could buy the expertise they need.
    They've got so much liquidity that there's not much they couldn't do, but they would need to show that the VAST expense to be worth it.
    They could try buying IBMs Hudson Valley fab. That's a state of the art facility and I'd heard that IBM was considering unloading it.
    Next they'd need to buy lcd panel maker and actual manufacturing facilities to assemble the components to fully verticalize (yeah, I made that a verb).
    This would cost tons, but they could do it.
    In order to make that happen the US would have to put back in place import tariffs, remove the tax loopholes and raise the tax rates back above 50% like they where in the era of the US economic boom time since then it would force them to reinvest their profits into the company(I.E. put it into R&D, hire more people, upgrade a factory, etc.) instead of allowing them to just amass huge piles of money to only use as bonuses for executives, play in the Wall Street casino or use to patent troll potential competition instead of actually competing on the quality of their products and the skill of their marketing team to sell it.