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AMD Bulldozer Performance On Ubuntu 12.10

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    Well, I didn't say it was a certainty...but it is a possibility.

    I have been OC P-Sate since clawhammer... and intel since 386....Both AMD and Intel have only instituted their versions of turbo in the last few the old-time OC'ers know a thing or two about the subject.

    MB OC can indeed screw the pooch on CPU performance. For the CPU to drop performance over time, overheating is the most likely culprit. (excluding virus on MS)

    And sorry, stock coolers can easily induce thermal throttling on an incorrect OC. (MB OC often set the wrong Voltage states for example)

    Insane or not, it is true. Sorry, but your incredulity indicates you have no experience on the topic. Or perhaps are just trolling and not looking for solutions.

    PS. having the most up to date BIOS helps.
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      There's nothing wrong with my FX8150's performance. It can even run crappy Java applications like Netbeans without choking, and I can still do other computationally intensive things and run a few VMs without slowing the PC down a bit. Of course, having a proper motherboard, SSD and RAM helps...