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Ubuntu 12.04 KVM/Xen Virtualization: Intel vs. AMD

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    Win Server (Apps) and Containers benchmarks?

    Great article Michael and very useful to my current research - shame Xen had probs with one of the mobo's and I noticed this occurred with Xen on a different AMD-based machine under another one of your recent virtualisation benchmarks so thats another plus for KVM and more justification for Red Hats backing of it over the more mature and widely deployed Xen.

    I'm currently researching my options for virtualising a number of Windows and *nix servers, but more Windows than nix. The problem is that all the benchmarks I've found so far that compare any of the different hypervisors have only benchmarked open source apps like Apache, dovecot and Postgres etc. running under Linux guests when what I need to discover now is how a vitualised Server 2008 guest (64-bit) runs AD, Exchange, SQL server, IIS, Sharepoint, SMB under the main competing virtualisation technologies compared to bare metal. I'd expect such a benchmark, if it exists, would utilise the PV/ virtio or whatever drivers each virtualisation solution provides for Windows Server so as to give the optimum results but other than that the test guests should be identical of course. I know Phoronix is a Linux site but maybe Michael or another reader has spotted such info on their web travels?

    As it stands it looks like KVM has a slight performance edge over both Xen and VMware and ovirt seems to be the management console of choice for KVM but Xen and VMware are generally regarded as safer bets dur to their relative maturity. Hyper-V seems to be the also-ran only for the most devout MS shops.

    Also, if there is anyone reading this who is familiar with both KVM and VMWare - are there any features that VMW has that KVM/ovirt doesn't that would make you consider shelling out all the extra cash required to go the VMWare route over the free and allegedly better performing KVM? Yes, I know about ESX but KVM and XEN seem to do a lot more for zilch quid.

    Next time you do a virtualisation comparison Michael, forget about Virtualbox as it obviously isn't competitive. Instead I'd like to know how Linux Containers stacks up against KVM, XEN PV and VMware