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Linux and AMD FX 8120

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    Originally posted by AleksK View Post
    Thank you.
    I wrote to tech support Gigabyte. They replied that this motherboard only supports AMD FX 8100. So, there may be problems with AMD FX 81xx. It's funny, I've never seen on sale AMD FX 8100.
    I asked them about their plans to update the BIOS. I wonder what they will answer me.
    Has russian HQ replied? Because everyone, except taiwainese HQ is incompetent 1st level support.
    Wasn´t FX8100 for OEM only? Also, if it boots even single bulldozer, all of them should boot. Or do they have problem getting AGESA running?

    I wonder if MSI (Microstar) still in good form, used to be one of the finest brands in Abit aera.