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Open64 Compiler Tuning On AMD Bulldozer FX-8150

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    Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
    somebody explain - what is the point of measuring time TO COMPILE a piece of software?

    it's obvious that more aggressive optimizations will increase build time, and -O0 will be the fastest.

    my idea of benchmarking a compiler would be to measure build time of a source package with DIFFERENT BUILDS of the same compiler under the same CFLAGS, not comparing different cflags against the same build of compiler.

    Actually you have a point that compile time is a relatively "boring" measure since it probably has less impact on the choice of compiler (although you might want to have a fast compiler during development and then a really good optimizing one for when you want to distribute binaries). The interesting measures would be:

    * size of the resulting binaries
    * performance of the resulting binaries