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Another Look At Intel's Lynnfield Linux Performance

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    Thanks for answers.
    So Turbo doesnt work right then?
    I understood that if single core is under load, it should be 3.2Ghz and if all cores are under load they rise at 2.8Ghz.

    I am thinking of assembling my own computer and these Lynnfields look nice, but if they dont work properly under Linux i'll pass. Should I consider i7 920 or Phenom II instead?

    And sory for my bad English....


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      Originally posted by crat3rs
      One of it's shortcomings, Hyper-Threading Technology is not present, which is needed for working with heavy multi-threaded applications.
      The i7 has hyper-threading, but the i5's don't. I'm no expert but I'd say if you've got 4 cores, that should be enough for most multi-threaded applications.

      Edit: In case anyone is wondering why I replied to a non-existent post, it turns out the post was spam.
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        If you compare AMD's Phenom II 965 and i5 which one wins when looking Linux performance in desktop use?


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          Is it safe to overclock Lynnfields despite the fact lm_sensors doesn't work?


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            I wonder when we'll see Michael re-run the tests on his hardware, see if his numbers match up with Intel's ...

            I'm assuming the Intel supplied numbers are absolute best case scenario, you wont do any better without overclocking kind of thing, and you might not be able to match the numbers at stock if you live in a place where ambient temps hang around 32C.


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              Turbo mode is back for Linux as of the 2.6.33-rc5 kernel. w00t!

              See this bug report:


              Unfortunately the next Ubuntu version is going to be using 2.6.32. So you'll have to roll your own kernel on Ubuntu for awhile.

              Here are some of my benchmark results running that kernel on a P55 i5 750:



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                Originally posted by Immo View Post
                Is it safe to overclock Lynnfields despite the fact lm_sensors doesn't work?
                sudo modprobe coretemp

                Then run:


                This module is only in the 2.6.32 kernel and newer.