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1.25GB Single channel vs 1GB Dual Channel 400MHz DDR1 RAM

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    I just replaced my Sempron 3400+ with an Athlon 5050e and repeated the 2 memory tests with bus speed set at 223Mhz

    using 2 sticks of 512M 533 ddr2 gives
    L1 23758MB/s
    L2 4425MB/s
    Mem 2516MB/s
    322Mhz DDR 644 4-4-4-11 DDR2 128bit

    one stick of 2GB 800 ddr2 gives
    L1 23757MB/s
    L2 4425MB/s
    Mem 2516MB/s
    322Mhz DDR 644 5-5-5-18 DDR2 64bit

    as before there is no apparent difference in payback of youtube between the two sets of memory but the change in CPU was a huge difference. This CP was $70 US at the egg.

    Almost exactly the same. but everything is faster than the 3400+ and it does really show up in playback of youtube.