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Gigabyte EP45-DS3L & EP45T-DS3R

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    I'm currently using Gigabyte EP45-DS3R on my main computer, with Debian Lenny and Ubuntu Hardy with Intrepid kernel.
    The instruction manual about TPM chip tells that with some included Windows software you can use it to encrypt a hard disk partition and unencrypt with a USB memory with the key, instead of typing it, and not loosing performance.
    I think that with a good enough computer you will not notice the difference if you are not measuring it with testing software.


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      With the Intel ICH10/ICH10R Southbridge a distribution using the Linux 2.6.26 kernel or newer is required. If using an older kernel, the Serial ATA disk controller will not be detected.
      I just got the GA EP45-DS4, and coming from a Sempron system with Hardy (Ubuntu 8.04) I just had to plug the hardrive, no need to use 8.10 or update the kernel.

      My kernel is 2.6.24-19, and the hd is a SATA one. AHCI and native SATA mode are no problem either (while, according to the manual, you'll need to create a floppy disk with the drivers for AHCI - not just for RAID - when installing XP). I didn't try RAID, but I'd use software RAID anyway.

      So, at least with Ubuntu, everything works ok (suspend/hibernate with a 7900GS as gfx, sound/network, etc...).

      I was expecting everything to work flawlessly anyways :P


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        Hi i just purchased this board along with an e8400 and 2gb of ddr3, but i didnt realize it might have only been a ati chipset. the problem is i currently only own an nvidia 8800gt, im running xp pro 32bit, and im curious if the card i have will even work with this board, i saw in the review they used a 9800 with driver issues... can anyone help/clarify?


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          Your video card should be OK, but the DDR3 memory requires a "T" model board, i.e., EP45T-DS3P. The "non-T" EP45-DS3R uses DDR2 memory. I have an EP35-DS3R and it works fine with a Sapphire HD4850 "Toxic" video card.