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Foxconn Does Hate Linux Support

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    I highly recommend everybody read these 2 posts of SuSE's Thomas Renninger to the LKML and the PDF linked to inside:

    It's most likely not deliberate malice on FoxConn's side, but simple fallout from working around the various Windows ACPI implementation bugs
    and Linux' transparence wrt. ACPI OS identification, and the general incompetence of BIOS programmers (foxconns apparently
    suck more than the rest)
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      Pretty interesting. Also the patch, one user already had issues like that with kernel 2.6.26. Btw. it would be really hard to avoid the OEM boards when you look at:

      Even iPhones and gameing consoles *g*


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        This blog entry contains some useful info:


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          Heh... I kind of avoid Foxconn's motherboards. The connectors, etc. they make are "okay", but the motherboards they've made have been sub-par from the first days they started showing up on the scene here in the US.

          It's what you reach for when you're trying to eke out every penny out of a customer and don't give a damn if you screw 'em over to do it.

          Heh... That'd be the motherboards that are branded with their name, apparently... Seems Intel farms out the mobo stuff they put their name on to be built by Foxconn according to the Wikipedia article. I've had few issues with the Intel boards and much, much more with the ones with Foxconn's name emblazoned everywhere.
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            Ya foxconn has long made the boards for intel as well I believe they also own Leadtek a company who designs many of the reference boards for Nvidia. Of which manufacturers such as Gainward, EVGA, XFX, PNY, etc also follow for designs of the MB / GC.


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              Just for anyone who doesn't read /. regularly


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                cool, looks like somebody actually cared.


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                  So it turns out that the "Foxconn" conspiracy was actually AMI's fault with their reference BIOS. The same issue has been found on MSI and Asus boards as well.
                  Foxconn Does Hate Linux Support
                  Myth busted.


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