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asus P5N-t deluxe + core 2 duo E8200 problem

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  • asus P5N-t deluxe + core 2 duo E8200 problem

    I got this new pc witha P5N-T deluxe + intel E8200 and 4 GB drr2 800 and a gt 7600GT PCIe. I am running Mandriva free edition 32 bit and my computer is way to slow and having some problems with games and mandriva...

    the 1st problem is when i try to play Nexiuz or ET:QW. the symptoms are long wait to see the game loading, too much lag on the frames.

    the 2nd problem is while trying to play i get some errors on the command line like "/dev/sda5 ( / directory) no acces"

    the 3rd problem is when i try to kill the game... on ps aux i can't find the game PID and generally i try to restart the X but then is show a message that i really don't know where to find in my logs that says /dev/sda5 is not found and i usually have to do a Hard reboot

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    Do you have the nvidia binary drivers installed?


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      yes i do have the lastest NVIDIA Driver Version: 169.12


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        Well maybe your hd is dying. Does that happen with another distro too? Also you can try another connector/different cable.


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          I'd suggest checking the cables and the connectors on the motherboard/harddrive because when I had a similar problem it was due to a bent pin on the motherboard (bad connection).


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            ok i'll check the cables/connections, i don't think that my HD is dying it has 2 years only. could it be hight temperature of the processor? actually in the bios it is around 66?C, i can't find any info about good temperature of this processor...


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              just installed Ksensors and my primary HD have a temperature at 52?C so i'll have to put a HD Cooler on it...


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                core 2 duo's shouldn't be running at 66C when your just sitting in the bios. I'd clean your case and do a good job tiding the cables as it looks like there is a lack of air flow in your case.

                edit: if that isn't the problem check the heat sink is making good contact with the processor
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                  Ya 66 is pretty high for that proc, it might be throttling itself. Make sure your HSF is seated properly.


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                    What should my Processor temperature at normally?