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Asus A88X-Plus related question / Fintek F71811

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  • Asus A88X-Plus related question / Fintek F71811


    I am looking to buy this mainboard. Looks nice, FM2+ socket (Kaveri support, besides A8-7600 confirmed), A88X chipset, lots of USB / pinheaders, tons of SATA, a serial header aaaaand 3 real PCI slots (awesome for me since I still have and use a lot of PCI cards). PCIe also there for dedicated GPU and whatsnot. Everything else was Realtek so I did not expect problems... well... besides...
    I asked ASUS support about the Super-I/O chip and was told it would feature the

    Fintek F71811 (U)

    I didn't find info about that chip + Linux support. Didn't find it in the Kernel config or lm_sensors so I am scared it will not be supported. That would be nasty since these SuperIOs are actually important - also e.g. for working with flashrom and coreboot.

    So does anybody have a similar mainboard (Asus A88X-Pro for example) or experiences with this Fintek chip?

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    We're using A88X-Pro mobos at the office, and I have an A88XM-A at home, all with Kaveri. I haven't been able to get a CPU temperature sensor reading from the A88XM-A although the BIOS reads CPU temp just fine, but haven't had a chance to play with it much.

    I'll try the same commands on my Trinity box tomorrow and see if that works -- at least that'll tell us if it's a driver problem or an operator problem


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      Now that I think about it, I may have been trying to read the CPU temp before updating the kernel, so I would have been running a stock Ubuntu 13.10 kernel.

      I'll try the Kaveri/A88XM-A system with a newer kernel and see if that helps...
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        Bridgman to the rescue! Nice. Thanks, would be interesting to read the outcome. If they use the same Super I/O on the motherboards it would give me some insight if this is an obstacle. Maybe the chip is a very recent product so no support exists yet. But then, I found some chip on an E-350 notebook (HP 635) where it seems no datasheet exists and thus no driver. Which is nasty if classic I/O, fan control, sensor readings and BIOS updates / flashrom etc. work over it and you can forget all of this. I checked a 3.13.2 kernel (Gentoo) but did not find in DeviceDrivers -> HardwareMonitoring anything. Just the standard 3 for Fintek but according to <help> none of them has the mentioned chip listed.


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          My two Richland boxes (arrived on Fri) run on a Gigabyte F2A88XM-DS2 board. The stock Ubuntu 13.10 kernel reports temps for both k10temp and the radeon driver.

          Both are wildly off though, they report idle temps of 4 C (in a room of 23 C). BIOS reports temps correctly. I filed a kernel bug, which was promptly closed as "working as expected"


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            Originally posted by curaga View Post
            Both are wildly off though, they report idle temps of 4 C (in a room of 23 C). BIOS reports temps correctly. I filed a kernel bug, which was promptly closed as "working as expected"
            I remember seeing that on one of my systems too, although not sure if it was the Gigabyte mobo or the ASUS.

            It did not meet my definition of "working as expected"


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              OK, partial update -- tried sensors on my Trinity system (A10-5800K and Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4), worked fine after I let sensors-detect add a driver module for it8728 and rebooted.

              Before doing that there were only values displayed for k10temp and radeon, both seemed incorrect (too low, even for Canada). After the reboot sensors showed a third set of values (for it8728) and they looked reasonable. The k10temp and radeon values were still displayed but looked still looked incorrect.

              Kaveri systems will have to wait until tomorrow, sorry for the delay.
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                I guess CPU sensors in the CPU itself should be fine since they are AMD (or intel) tech and have their own connections and drivers to be read. But fan speeds, mainboard temperature and others (as well as possible fan control, classic I/O, BIOS / flashrom) runs via Super I/O. The ITE IT87xx series is normally well supported, unlike e.g. the IT8518.

                Besides that, "working as expected" for a sensor reading 4 C at normal room temperature is quite ridiculous.


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                  According to your ITE it8728f seems to be supported, though they consider it possibly a bit experimental.
                  Any news on Kaveri mainboards?