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  • Thx, updated.


    • I don't know if someone already suggested this, but here it is:

      And the lfk give me different results from kernel to kernel.


      • Asrock - H81 Pro BTC

        # acpixtract -l acpi.dump

        Intel ACPI Component Architecture
        ACPI Binary Table Extraction Utility version 20140214-64 [Mar 29 2014]
        Copyright (c) 2000 - 2014 Intel Corporation
        Signature  Length      Revision   OemId    OemTableId   OemRevision CompilerId CompilerRevision
           RSDP                          "ALASKA"
           RSDT   0x0000004C     0x01    "ALASKA"  "A M I   "   0x01072009    "MSFT"     0x00010013
           XSDT   0x00000074     0x01    "ALASKA"  "A M I   "   0x01072009    "AMI "     0x00010013
           DSDT   0x0000A430     0x02    "ALASKA"  "A M I   "   0x00000180    "INTL"     0x20091112
           FACS   0x00000040
           FACP   0x0000010C     0x05    "ALASKA"  "A M I   "   0x01072009    "AMI "     0x00010013
           APIC   0x00000062     0x03    "ALASKA"  "A M I   "   0x01072009    "AMI "     0x00010013
           FPDT   0x00000044     0x01    "ALASKA"  "A M I   "   0x01072009    "AMI "     0x00010013
           SSDT   0x00000539     0x01    "PmRef "  "Cpu0Ist "   0x00003000    "INTL"     0x20051117
           SSDT   0x00000AD8     0x01    "PmRef "  "CpuPm   "   0x00003000    "INTL"     0x20051117
           MCFG   0x0000003C     0x01    "ALASKA"  "A M I   "   0x01072009    "MSFT"     0x00000097
           HPET   0x00000038     0x01    "ALASKA"  "A M I   "   0x01072009    "AMI."     0x00000005
           SSDT   0x0000036D     0x01    "SataRe"  "SataTabl"   0x00001000    "INTL"     0x20091112
           SSDT   0x00003493     0x01    "SaSsdt"  "SaSsdt  "   0x00003000    "INTL"     0x20091112
           AAFT   0x0000020D     0x01    "ALASKA"  "OEMAAFT "   0x01072009    "MSFT"     0x00000097
           SSDT   0x000003D3     0x01    "PmRef "  "Cpu0Cst "   0x00003001    "INTL"     0x20051117
           SSDT   0x000005AA     0x01    "PmRef "  "ApIst   "   0x00003000    "INTL"     0x20051117
           SSDT   0x00000119     0x01    "PmRef "  "ApCst   "   0x00003000    "INTL"     0x20051117
        Found 18 ACPI tables
        # lshw :
               description: Motherboard
               product: H81 Pro BTC
               vendor: ASRock
               physical id: 0
               serial: M80-3C020100308
                  description: BIOS
                  vendor: American Megatrends Inc.
                  physical id: 0
                  version: P1.80
                  date: 07/21/2014
                  size: 64KiB
                  capacity: 4032KiB
                  capabilities: pci upgrade shadowing cdboot bootselect socketedrom edd int13floppy1200 int13floppy720 int13floppy2880 int5printscreen int9keyboard int14serial int17printer acpi usb biosbootspecification uefi