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Can AMD/ATI drivers be recommended now, or not ?

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  • Can AMD/ATI drivers be recommended now, or not ?

    Hi Guys,

    I need to get a new GFX card once UT3 is released (for linux, of course). I'm looking for a decent but not too expensive card.

    This might now be:

    a) 8800GS
    b) 3850

    This is how i see it:

    8800gs: nvidia
    3850: cheaper

    8800gs: more expensive
    8800gs: smaller memory bus
    3850: ATi
    3850: marginally slower in winblows

    From reading this forum, it seams that there are still some issues with the ATi drivers.

    would anyone recommend me buying the ATi instead of the nv?

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    You are just too funny, maybe ask the question in 1 year again.


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      I agree with the above poster.

      If you have any hopes of enjoying ut3 on linux, I suggest you avoid the ATi cards until they get their act together with their drivers. I went from a 7800gtx which worked fine to a hd2600xt which was nothing but a disapointment to a 8600gt and have been happy since.

      save yourself the trouble, get the nvidia.


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        Ok. OTOH, 8800GTs finally hitted the market (large), so I could get one for a reasonable price. I will wait 'till the Linux Client is released, though!


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          I think that would be a really great choice right now. I see many 8800gt cards around $250 on sale which I think is reasonable for what you are getting.

          I do think the current midrange line up from ATi is nice, particularly their 3850's, very good value. I think it would be a good idea to continue following the ATi driver development to see how things are shaping up.

          I'm guessing by years end the catalyst driver will be more on par with what nvidia has out right now. We'll see...


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            Right now I wouldn't use ant ATI card if I could help it. Every month it's a new drama with their drivers.


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              I'm using my HD2900XT with no problems (aside from the known video limitations). The HD3850 I have on another PC works fine too. Most of the love from the recent driver revisions seem to be targeted at these latter models (HD2xxx and HD3xxx), since my other older ATI cards still perform like dogs for the most part.


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                Melcar, when you say "perform like dogs" do you mean in terms of 3d performance or something else ? All of the fglrx-supported cards should have seen a decent 3d performance boost from 8.41 on and should be performing on a par with other OSes.


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                  Well you forget the rendering problems (or why are Pointsprites now invisible?), stability problems - like why is vesafb killed when fglrx is loaded or why does the xserver segfault when modelines are used (espeically after the extra funny changelog in 8.01). Also your driver likes to lockup with my X700 SE when ati was used before as driver (not always, but sometimes). To compare I have got NV cards, there the X server can crash in some cases but usually not that "hard". Then the whole thing with the AGP cards of the 2xxx series. All users I could only tell to get rid of the cards because there is no solution there. 2d only via oss driver is only for purists.


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                    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
                    Melcar, when you say "perform like dogs" do you mean in terms of 3d performance or something else ? All of the fglrx-supported cards should have seen a decent 3d performance boost from 8.41 on and should be performing on a par with other OSes.
                    I find that it's easier and less of a hassle just to use radeon on my 9xxx parts. Fglrx also chews up my poor 200M. Yes, overall 3D speed is great, in fact, the increases were outright outstanding, but 3D performance isn't everything. I used to not care that much because all I ever wanted was good gaming ability, but nowadays I concentrate more on productivity. The current drivers seem to be kinder on post x1xxx parts, which is what I use on my main PCs, so I can't complain that much.


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                      OK, thanks !


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                        Maybe the choice is much more simpler in the future: nvidia or intel and not nvidia or amd or intel...


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                          Well UT III still isn't released, so I'm still waiting

                          The latest Nvidia driver has introduced some rendering errors on my 6600GT, so there isn't all bright with NV, too.

                          For now I switched bacl

                          @Kano: I don't hope that AMD will go to hell ...
                          Sure, AMD sucks right now in the High-Performance-Area compared to NV and Intel, but if you don't need absolute TOP speed, AMD might be a valid choice. I'm using a 5200+ EE right now. When I bought it, it was faster than an E6350, and CHEAPER than a E6350 (the E6350 was my price limit). Also the board was cheaper.

                          If I was into overclocking, things might have been different, though.

                          I'm actually appreciating the fact that I might get an alternative to Nvidia (on the linux plattform). The only thing is I'm not quite sure if AMD is the alternative right now.

                          But if Melcar say most development effort goes into the new generation cards, thats quite good (and logical also, though it might piss off users of older AMD cards)!

                          Well my requirements would be:

                          a) stability (!!!) (this includes the memory leak fixed)
                          b) good performance in UT2k4 and UT III
                          c) compiz-fusion should run
                          d) low power consumption is (+) point. I'd even get a new board if AMD could support something like hybrid power.
                          e) I'd appreciate if it would run with Software suspend / TuxOnIce.

                          I'd be grateful if sbdy (Melcar ?) could check that after the UT III release for linux (only if it's not too much effort since the chance is high that I get an NVidia, given that the 9600GT is the price/performance King ATM).

                          OK, here are My HW specs:

                          AMD A64 X2 5200+ EE
                          nforce 520 mainboard
                          2 GB of DDR2-800


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                            There is no issues in games

                            I cannot complain, all of my parts have worked really well since the drivers where released, X850 xt pe, 2900 XT 3850 3870 3870X2(needs CF support though)

                            With the open source stuff comming on hard now, i can reccon i guess, but, well, depends if you can live with some bugs for a bit.

                            I have had issues with playing... movies

                            .,.... scrolling.... dont know of anything else


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                              Well, about that living with bugs ...
                              I Think it's (unfortunately) still some time till the release of UT III. I was hoping ATI will sort these bugs in the meantime