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    Originally posted by Moustacha View Post
    Bit like getting an Aston Martin DB9 to commute to work when you could do it in some sh*t box. You still gotta abide by the speed limit.
    Performance - not much to be gained really from nv 7-> nv 8 series. 7600gt vs 8600gt, 8600 is about 5% faster and heavier on the hip pocket. Though the "comfort" of it could be better, i.e. lower power usage, better quality.
    Then WHY rag on them?

    And the analogy is more akin to driving the Aston versus a Lotus or Porche...


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      Man...NYE celebration + lack of sleep, i've confused myself.

      G70 = performance now
      G80 = performance tomorrow
      any AMD = performance tomorrow

      G80 and AMD have room to increase. G70 is as far as it can go with drivers.
      I agree the 7 series card is better FOR NOW. It's just one of those waiting games. Then they release the 9 series and you wonder, do I upgrade to a 9 series card and *hope* the performance improves? Unfortunately that seems to be the way on Linux atm. Windows you see how the actual cards perform not the drivers, since they're pretty well on par with each other.


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        Originally posted by Moustacha View Post
        Windows you see how the actual cards perform not the drivers, since they're pretty well on par with each other.
        Nope. There's quite a bit of headroom in the Windows drivers, according to the specs of both the G80 and R600. On paper, they're really, really a better deal than the past generation- run cooler for the levels of performance gained, run at least 10-40% faster with the stuff the prior generation provides. The reality, however, even under Windows, is another thing altogether.

        It's why I'm so damn frustrated with AMD's progress on their binary drivers and the documentation efforts.

        They have the better silicon in many cases. The damn problem is, even under Windows, is that their driver efforts hamper the performance and stability of the chips. That's so frustrating, to not be able to obtain the better deal (they typically are cheaper AND faster...) because the damn drivers are simply not there and haven't been for some time.

        And your comment about things... People are thinking that the stuff's gelled on the G80 and it's just not there. And G70 stuff? I am still able to find all ranges of that stuff on the shelves and it'll be there for at least another 4-6 or possibly more months. The AGP stuff may not be there much longer, but th G70 series of parts makes for a value lineup for retailers much like the G60 and GeForce FX series did (Hell, I am still seeing GeForce 5XXX cards on the shelves...)


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          Originally posted by Spitfire View Post
          I understand your point of few, I really would like to kick Windows from my hard drive too. But I'm forced to use Windows as many games or other requirements for gaming are not working (well) through Wine. (e.g. Punkbuster, Aequitas (Anti-cheat) and lots of new games)

          But I'm full of confidence: This will change!

          Just to be clear...

          When I decided to go 100% Linux, I knew I was giving up some stuff I really enjoyed, like [some] gaming. I knew I was in for a hell of ride in that particular regard, as:
          1. There were but a few commercial titles.
          2. Wine was (and still is) not the right kind of solution.
          3. I'd be missing a LOT of games.

          One thing is knowing the situation and another completely different thing is coping with it. It has been difficult, very difficult at times. Even at work where I work with 3D visualization, and even though I could keep 100% Windows-Free, there are just simply some apps that require the thing. At home, for my private use, I knew what I was giving up, and it's been hard, though worth it too. But I guess the degree of worth is simply too personal to mean anything. I ended up simply giving away all that I couldn't run in Linux or required Windows, turned to Console gaming instead of PC gaming (not as pretty, but surely very fun!), and contrary to what I thought, I ended having more multimedia capabilities than in Windows.

          Like I said, for me it's been worth it, but for others it is not worth it giving up on something, anything (gaming mainly in my case). I'm very enthusiastic about Linux and the recent advancements there's been towards a broader games library, better hardware support from IHVs (that of course includes video cards hardware), and even rising OEM support (which can only speak of how lousy the situation is on the Microsoft camp).

          I'm happy with what I can do and have now. I can only expect more interesting things to happen in 2008.


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            As I said in another thread, carpe diem.

            If you want a good GNU/linux experience NOW, you have three choices:
            Intel: If you do not have need for powerful graphics performance. It enjoys a good free driver.
            Nvidia: The propietary driver works fine. Powerful performance. I doubt that the situation will go worse. but if FOSS driver is a matter for you, then should not be your choice.
            AMD/ATI: There are a lot of expectations, either with the propietary or the free driver, but nowadays is like having a Ferrari on bicycle tires...

            You have now the choice...
            Happy New Year!


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              If you are buying now 4th january 2008 I'd say go with nvidia. Theyre putting out some really great cards at good prices, atm Ati isnt. If you can spend the $250-300 then get a 8800GT 512MB which is the fastest thing in its price range and almost as fast as more expensive gpus.


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                I will be building a new system in February and am leaning towards Nvidia still. Years ago I bought a Radeon 8500 and fought and struggled with the drivers to get 3D working for months - this was on SuSE 8.x, I believe. My enjoyment of 3D in Linux did not really start until I switched to GeForce cards. I would like to support ATI's efforts but not until I can be certain that I will be able to install and hop into Quake 4 like I know I will be able to with Nvidia.

                On my personal computer I have been booting Linux exclusively since 2004 (Ubuntu since 5.10 after bailing on the SuSE/Novell debacle) and did it knowing I would be giving up most games. But, it was also for the best to allow me to spend more time on other things. At work I spend most of my day bouncing between Windows XP and 2003 and Solaris 10 and futilely trying to justify introducing some Redhat servers to the mix.


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                  In february there should be already 9xxx series out from nvidia.


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                    I opted for ati, as they seem committed to opensource and lowering prices. Nvidia have always forced high prices. Just look at the 8800gt supposedly a shortage, I really don't believe this rubbish it's just an excuse to raise problems.

                    Image quality is better with ati!


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                      Image quality today has more to do with your monitor than the brand of GPU. Ati used to be the better of two but that isnt true anymore..


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                        As soon as you use dvi the vga signal quality is not important anymore.


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                          I'll be building a couple of new systems in the next month or so.

                          At the moment I'm planning on going for a Radeon x1050, it's an R300 chip so it has good open source 3D and 2D support already, and it's inexpensive, also I'll have a clear upgrade path in a years time when the newer GPUs are better supported.

                          The R400 GPUs work well also.

                          The down side of the subR500 generation GPUs is the largest texture is 2048x2048 which means if the total size of you desktop in any dimension exceeds that you can't use 3D desktops.

                          If your interested I was going to pair it with an
                          MSI K9A2 Platinum
                          and a Energy Efficient Athlon64 x2 (Windsor core with 2x 1MB cache) 4000+, 4400+, 4800+ or 5200+
                          and a couple of GBs of ECC RAM.

                          Good luck


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                            The X1050 GPU is a real joke it is slower than everything you might know. Maybe 50% of a 9700 in best case. It is a renamed X550 which was only a slight mod from X300. The upgrade path would be: replace it at once you need 3d.


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                              Originally posted by Kano View Post
                              The X1050 GPU is a real joke it is slower than everything you might know. Maybe 50% of a 9700 in best case. It is a renamed X550 which was only a slight mod from X300. The upgrade path would be: replace it at once you need 3d.
                              Mmm, I knew it wasn't great but didn't realize it was that bad, maybe I'll see if I can find an x800 instead.


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                                Btw. why don't you get Intel? Even the cheapest Pentium DualCore (stay away from Pentium D) will OC nicely and will be faster than any cheap AMD CPU. Also ECC RAMs is only for servers not for desktop system.