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    Originally posted by kaprikawn View Post
    I'm using Arch (64-bit with multilib), bang up-to-date. I'm not sure it's a problem with PTS though as I'm getting others too related to graphics in general.

    The missing glut dependency issue disappeared when I installed freeglut. But the missing dependency for OpenCL is still there, even though I have libcl installed.

    FYI I have this bug:

    Could an issue with Mesa/r600 cause an OpenCL problem? I'm guessing this is where the issue lies, or thereabouts. Going to do some further reading now...
    I'm only guessing, but perhaps what you have installed is the ICD loader, not the OpenCL implementation itself for the device/s you have in your system. In Arch, libcl contains an ICD loader, which serves as a central hub for vendor libraries. OpenCL still has to be provided by, at least, one vendor - which can be Mesa, AMD, NVIDIA, or whatever. I think, however, that Arch builds Mesa without OpenCL support.

    There's more information in the Arch Wiki article.


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      Wasn't OpenCL supposed to overcome these platform specific stuff in first place?