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Quad-Monitor AMD/NVIDIA Linux Gaming: What You Need To Know

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    Originally posted by max0x7ba View Post
    I was surprised to learn that NVIDIA can now run more that 2 displays on the same X server.
    It's been a feature ever since the Kepler cards were released (the TwinView name is outdated).


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      Can someone explain how to get the Nvidia proprietary setup running fullscreen games as shown, without having to go in and enable Xinerama, and then destroy the desktop experience??
      Did you have to go in and enable Xinerama in the config for this result? TwinView options that are still in documentation dont seem to exist anymore, Mosaic option in nvidia-settings is only for multiple gpu, I cant seem to find anything to do with the xrandr command line utility to get where I'm trying to go (5760x1080 fullscreen).. and I can't find a single program/game that can be made aware of the situation..

      How was this done without editing xorg.conf?? Please someone out there enlighten me lol