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Ubuntu Linux Gaming Performance Mostly On Par With Windows 8.1

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    Well in those games catalyst may perform same as windows but in steam games I can see big differences between them. There should be some real games like cssource,csgo,dota2,trine1-2


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      Originally posted by dffx View Post
      you can measure FPS in dota2, no problem. There's a -dev launch flag that adds a dev console. I'm just not sure how well it plays with Phoronix's testing suite, if at all.
      Well, there have to be a built in benchmark run for correct measurements.
      If you have to manually play and log the FPS big chances are that you won't
      de exactly the same as the first round and then the results are screwed.


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        who cares about xonotic and openarena..................


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          Suggestion: Add wine tests

          Not only native vs native benchmarks also native vs wine - 3 columns - would be great
          Where we probably would watch sometimes that wine performs better than native GNU/Linux and a little bit worse than native MS WOS 8.1


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            Can anyone explain why the high-end NVIDIA cards (GTX 680) perform particularly good on Linux?


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              CPU limit hit.

              And linux is in general a little bit faster when it comes to cpu performance...
              ... but just a guess


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                Interesting as Ubuntu 13.10 ships with pstate disabled. Wonder if the results would have been different if the driver had been enabled instead of ondemand.


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                  Originally posted by bakgwailo View Post
                  Lolwut? Win8 just broke 8%. Win7 has 46%, and is growing faster than win8.

                  My bad! I wanted to say win8 market share is much lower.


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                    Originally posted by mercutio View Post
                    interesting. i'd like to be able to play dota2 well in linux. what window manager are you using? does it load fast? i think radeon 7000 series is extra bad with the open source stuff, it didn't work at all for ages.

                    i have a radeon 6450 that doesn't work with open source at all for some reason. i'd rather use open source drivers. i found radeon 6450 kind of playable if i set settings and resolution down (like 1280x720 with some settings down kind of worked, but the game doesn't work well in that resolution. windows was a lot faster.

                    both monitors are 2560x1440 native which may be why radeon 6450 wasn't working with open source drivers.
                    sorry for the late response. The 6450 is a really low end card. It only has 160 shaders at 750mhz. in comparison the 6850 has 960 shaders at 775mhz. Roughly 8-10 times faster. and the 6850 is itself only a low range card by todays standards.

                    I wouldnt consider any AMD card with less than 800 shaders for gaming purposes. Spend the money and get a card with at least 800 shaders.

                    I run xfce4 as my desktop system on a very old gentoo installation. It is fully updated, but the time that I originally installed was a looong time ago. I've got a lot of cruft built up.

                    EDIT: It is still true, even in todays day and age, that when buying hardware for linux you have to check compatibility first. For now the r600g driver is better than the radeonsi driver, so get something that can use r600g.
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                      Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
                      Too bad you are still using these not very demanding games for benchmarking. I would like to see some more demanding games used for benchmarking. Steam and Source engine are available on GNU/Linux and phoronix is still using Openarena for benchmarking, lol.
                      Yeah, it seems there were too many cards tested and not enough game diversity. Not sure if it's an option but I believe The Dark Mod still has the old quake benchmarking commands available in it.