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AMD Catalyst Beats NVIDIA To Linux 3.12 Support

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    Originally posted by Grogan View Post
    My good guess is (but I don't have time to try it yet) because I have "supported processor vendors" selected, and have only Intel enabled. When I enable AMD processor support (or disable the supported processor vendors option), the GART IOMMU config option is available and set, and then the #ifdef in kcl_iommu.c would include the amd_iommu.h. I am probably expected to have that set. It has not been a problem until this though (I've been configuring my kernels that way for a long time). I don't actually NEED that, I have no hardware that needs that 32 bit DMA access.
    That didn't solve the problem. There was a time when the iommu was actually needed for fglrx, but it hasn't been in some time. The reason I don't like it is, it wastes 64 Mb of RAM for the bounce buffer (iommu emulated by software on Intel) and I don't need otherwise it.

    My toolchain is otherwise OK. I compile a lot of stuff (everything I use) so I doubt my system is broken. Catalyst 13.4 with kernel 3.8.11 (laziness... I liked that kernel so I stuck with it a long time) builds without issue.

    Using gcc 4.8.1

    My system is Slackware(ish) and I'm using the slackware packaging script in the catalyst archive (--buildpkg Slackware). Perhaps there's something wrong with the build environment with that path.

    Strange that it's working for others. I guess I'll just have to figure out a workaround.


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      Originally posted by mmstick View Post
      It works fine in Ubuntu with 3.12-rc7.
      Not working in openSUSE with Kernel 3.12rc7!


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        work perfectly with Ubuntu 13.10 and kernel 3.12 rc7


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          This just isn't well enough tested if it doesn't work against perfectly valid system configurations. I even went through and reconfigured my whole kernel from scratch, in case there was something not getting defined when migrating an old config. I don't have trouble compiling other third party modules against that kernel source tree either.

          I couldn't figure it out, so I just made the "ATI_API_CALL KCL_IOMMU_CheckInfo" function in kcl_iommu.c return 0, which is what it would be doing for me anyway with no iommu support.

          The driver is happy with that.


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            OK, I'm bad. I figured out the iommu thing. What it was looking for was HARDWARE iommu support (and Intel processors don't actually have that "hardware"). So the Intel IOMMU is a software one that uses DMA remapping (DMAR). I had to redo the kernel today (3.12 released) so I enabled that, and sure enough, the module build doesn't barf on kcl_iommu.c. Silly, for I've never used that, but it made the fglrx build happy having the right defines.

            (I still had to #include <linux/seq_file.h> *shrug*. But I'll bet that's some other kernel config option that I don't care about that's caused that)

            I dislike having kernel config options forced on me.