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Linux Consumers Should Still Avoid S3 Graphics

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    Originally posted by curaga View Post
    Haha, I was about to post the same - S3 Trio64 works very much full-featured using FOSS.
    It's easy to be full-featured if the only hardware acceleration you have is 2D...

    but yeah, it's better than using the VESA mode/driver


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      Originally posted by boast View Post
      I'm curious where VIA's x86 processors are used as well.
      Here. I had a laptop with a C3-2 (ECS G320) and I stil use a VIA C7 mainboard (miniITX) from Jetway. It's quite okay besides the mediocre GPU support. Low energy at their time for sure. And crypto accel. So nice for fileservers and with a good GPU they'd also be fine at HTPC but ... the GPU.
      There is still quite a bunch of miniITX, pico/nanoITX and industrial boards featuring these chips.

      I still own mainboards with and dedicated cards for ISA slot. Good old times where you had even the RTclock on a card ;-). If something was broken or too old you just replaced it or add something else. Very modular unlike today's stuff. Not enough slots. And I don't want PCIe. At least not for a stupid NIC that would even run full speed in an ISA slot. I have so many PCI cards why re-buy them in PCIe?

      2D accel on VIA chips did also not always work. I had some releases that were okay on MPEG2 decoding, but also some where it was messed up. Sometimes it would freeze the whole box. Some drivers (libv's old one) wouldn't build with recent X and so on.