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It's Time To Test The Radeon/Intel/Nouveau Drivers

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    Originally posted by mercutio View Post
    when is support going to come for current video cards? the vesa video driver is terrible.
    Native KMS support (use it with the generic modesetting X driver and llvmpipe) has been out since ~April. Should work better than the vesa driver.

    You can track the progress of 3D acceleration in the public repos.


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      Originally posted by disi View Post
      The first time I heard of it
      I am downloading the TestDays Live image right now to test radeon later...

      //edit: aargh 797MB?!? Doesn't fit on 80min 700MB CD-R and on a DVD-R the space is wasted...
      if only they made 800mb CDr's


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        Originally posted by Fenrin View Post
        just put it on a USB thumb drive via Unetbootin or another tool.
        I found that with Unetbootin you can't modify the kernel commandline, which might be needed (for example for force-enabling the Noveau acceleration with nouveau.noaccel=0). So I've started using the LiveUSB Creator that supports this (by pressing tab in the boot menu).


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          The iso is hybrid, whats your problem to use it that way?