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Setting Up A Xen Graphics Card Pass-Through

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    If anyone still reads this thread: The advise given by Michael to use Teo Ming's tutorial should be followed as a last resort! I don't want to downplay the efforts of Teo Ming, but in many cases it's much easier to get the same results with Xen. Some suggestions have been posted above.

    Given the right hardware, Xen VGA passthrough is almost a no-brainer. And the performance is outstanding, both on the Linux dom0 side and the Windows guest side.

    Teo Ming's tutorial may be relevant to those users who try to passthru a Nvidia graphics card. Only very few Nvidia cards are supported under Xen natively (Xen 4.2 has improved on that). Furthermore, passing through a secondary GPU is much easier, as has been noted before.

    Just my 2 cents.