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Which is better for 3d acceleration

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    Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
    Actually, he had a point and wasn't trolling (as MY earlier commentary alluded to...)- if he was're you. (Which we both know you weren't on the NVidia reccomendation...)
    What truthful point was that? The opensource drivers are no less buggy (in fact the opposite) and they do not give the best performance.


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      Originally posted by deanjo View Post
      It depends on the model of laptop that carries the optimus parts Svartalf. Some you can select the nvidia GPU in the BIOS and it works. Others venders can't be bothered to give the option in the BIOS.

      just to be clear here, these so called Hybrid Gfx chip set's as in two or more separate Gfx parts included so you can select between graphics performance or sustained battery life, are a real pain right now in several OSS OS's ,remember there's more than just Linux here, there are a lot of them around today

      if your device/laptop does not include the ability in it's equivalent of BIOS to manually switch between them , dont buy it is my advice and inform the vendor why, so they can perhaps add that option in a newer update...


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        thanks, that helped me a lot!


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          Originally posted by Conqueror View Post
          But it seems some people are suggesting out of the box with minimal fiddling Nvidia will be better for my needs.
          NVidia have much broader software and hardware support, both legacy and faster for upcoming(although this changes). They also support video decoding(huge +), but bad at multimonitor cfgs. And obviously wine runs better(but this changes too).

          But if they say no(optimus case), or you are not happy with kernel/glibc/xorg software version they choose - they do not care. And in case you want opensource driver, its hardly usable.

          AMD has everything mirrored. Proprietary hangs a bit past nvidia in release dates, supports way less legacy cards, has no video decode(and will never have), but good at multimonitor cfgs. I didn't try lastest 11.1 so I cannot tell anything on stability, but 9.5 was slap in the face - crashing xorg straight when switching tty's.

          The opensource driver where most cards have to land after few years due to support drop is subset of proprietary, but its still ways better than (not-)nvidia's noveau. Its 3D performance & features are still on par with year 2004(with a lot of features missing, some due to patent traps which AMD fights(kinda)), but the drivers will never outdate anymore.


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            And AMD has John Bridgeman, who is very good, patient, informative professional; but in way too small team with a driver featuring much more bugs(but decreasing) than nvidia.

            ... and Nvidia has blobs for *BSD and Solaris.


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              Got Stalker Call of Pripyat running at full HD res in steam via WINE (Ubuntu studio 10.10) with latest AMD driver from restricted driver tool.

              Theres a couple of strange things, cant see the guns, but can see the knife. The Game claims its running quite high details, but doesnt look it. But it appears stable and sound works fine, fps seemed ok - not measured it though.


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                Just to add im using Play on Linux to launch steam.

                Btw is there a tool that will measure FPS in all these games/apps?