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ATI Radeon 4670 Vs. nVIDIA GeForce GT 240

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  • ATI Radeon 4670 Vs. nVIDIA GeForce GT 240

    hi guys,
    i got a big problem irritating me ... i always used my pc for office & studies work or for watching movies and listening to songs or surfing the internet.
    now i wana play some cool games and i realy dont know anythng about VGA cards how i can choose them? or what are the difference betwen them?
    finaly i decide to choose betwen ATI 4670 or GT 240 according to price .. as they r z expensive things i can buy wth all my money i got for VGA card .. i just need opnions or help .. any idea for what to buy? and what is the difference between ATI cards and nVIDIA cards?

    for consideration my pc is:
    - core 2 duo 2.6
    - S-series 945 gigabyte MB
    -2 GB RAM


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    Both cards aren't really good for modern games (too slow).

    With that being said, the GT240 is the faster card.

    As for the difference between NVidia and ATI: For playing games in Linux, NVidia is the only choice if you intent to use Wine to play Windows games.


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      @ RealNC ... thanks for the reply but if u got any suggestion it would be helpful


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        Well, since money is a big issue for you, I would suggest an AMD CPU instead of Intel (a Phenom II dual core 3.2Ghz costs 100€ here) with a mainboard that can take it. Also, I would go for 4GB instead of just 2 and I would recommend the cheap ones (like A-Data or Kingston).

        But anyway, you didn't specify the CPU or RAM models, how much they cost and links to the shop you buy from, so it's difficult to give real advice.


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          Well i would go for i3+h55+ddr3 memory.


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            @RealNC ... my proc. is intel nad my RAM r kingston ... actualy i will nt change my pc for games, i just need z best VGA card tht fit 2 my pc ... nd also nt expensive ... im nt a graphic designer to buy such cars


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              I think he has the PC listed, and is upgrading it. At least, that is how I would read his post.


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                @ Kano .. i need a suggestion about a VGA card not 2 cahnge my whole pc


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                  Well the problem is that for win the ati card is MUCH faster, but for linux the nvidia one is better. vdpau is a nice addon, the ati variant vaapi over xvba is still crap.


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                    OK, I thought you were asking on advice to buy new PC parts. Sorry, the way you write is very confusing :P

                    As for what graphics card to buy, it depends on how much money you want to pay. As I said earlier, the GT240 is better than the ATI 4670.

                    If you want to play games only in Windows though, then I recommend an ATI 5770, if you can spend the money for it.


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                      i use windows 7 not linux ...


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                        thanks RealNC ... nw u begin to understand me sory for my confusing words :P coz im realy confused coz of this VGA card

                        i will check on ati 5770 price in my country

                        thanks again buddy


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                          This is a Linux forum. If you post here, people assume you're using Linux too

                          Anyway, on Windows, the best choice right now is ATI. The 5770 and 4870 are good cards for their money. The 4870 is an older model but a bit faster than the 5770. Here, they both cost about the same, so personally I would get the 4870. But if you find the 5770 cheaper, then take that one instead.

                          If you want an even faster one, there's the 5870, but it's quite expensive.


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                            Really man? :O oops! I'm embarrassed now :P
                            sorry man i didn't know that it is a Linux forum ... I'm surfing z net about the VGA cards allover the games and computer forums like a crazy dog
                            anyway thank u .. i really appreciate.


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                              The Radeon 5670 is also a card you can consider to buy. Its about 30% faster than the Radeon 4670 and it is a bit more expensive if you buy a card with 512MB memory instead of 1GB. The memory size (if 1GB or 512MB) doesnt make a huge performance difference in most games. GDDR5 memory is faster than GDDR3, DDR3 or DDR2.

                              The Radeon 5750 is faster than the 5670.