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ATI Radeon HD 5770 is not Linux Compatible Despite Advertisement

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    I do not really get why you want to test the stock performance of a distro.

    I don't want to test the performance of the distro. The only thing I use Linux for is writing programs for my research. As long as a distro has compilers and a terminal, I'm set. For gaming, I have Windows and consoles. For videos, I have a TV. I could literally do everything I need to on a 15 or 20 year old distro. What I want to understand the performance of is the system itself. I want to know how the stock system behaves so that I'll know whether everything's okay if I do decide to overclock. The reason I haven't bothered to install any drivers in my Linux partitions is because I don't need to. I can already see everything I need to.


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      You are wrong, you need fglrx drivers - the latest ones. Forget the default oss crap.


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        Kano, you should really tell us who you're talking to. Are you telling me that I need to install drivers for a device that is already doing everything that I want it to do? Why would I do that? I find it a little asinine to tell someone they're wrong when you've never even seen their system. Installing new drivers to get functionality that I don't use or need when whatever drivers I do have are functioning perfectly well doesn't seem in any way "right" to me. If I was planning on trying to game in linux, I would consider new drivers.

        I posted on this forum to share my experience with running various distros on the 5770, thinking maybe I could provide some information that wasn't here before. The whole point I was trying to make is that even the stock drivers give basic functionality in almost every distro I've tried, which is evidence against the claim of the OP. I wasn't looking for unsolicited advice on fixing what's not broken, but thanks anyway...


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          Because it is not enough when you just see a picture! You can not even use xv with oss drivers!


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            I've run GIMP in Fedora with whatever driver I have now. It seemed to work okay. That is the absolute most intense use of my GPU I will ever need in Linux. I will repeat what I said before: AS LONG AS I CAN SEE MY TERMINAL, I'M SET. For me, "just see[ing] a picture" IS enough. Do you understand what I'm saying? I don't care if I can't use xv (by the way, what is xv?). I don't care if I can't use Fedora's "desktop effects" because I don't need them to write Fortran code. My compiler doesn't depend on 3D hardware acceleration. As far as I can tell, "./" runs an executable just as well on my driver as yours.

            I think we're just going to have to disagree on this.