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What for Ubuntu Radeon or Geforce?

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    The problem with "most" ATI fans is that they only own one current card. I have got current cards from ATI (r600/r700) and NVIDIA (g92/gt215) and can compare em without problems...


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      Since I'm using bot ATI and NVIDIA cards in my linux boxes I can only give vote to NVIDIA.
      ATI is too much headache in my opinion.
      NVIDIA just works.
      End of story.


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        Actually, Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha (forget which one) actually booted on my ancient Thinkpad T41 with the old Radeon 9000 card. Wow. I had Desktop Effects enabled and could get the transparent and wobbly windows working. That is way more than what I could do with 9.10 which is nothing. With 9.10, it would crash unless I edited xorg.conf manually and figure out what to put there. There is hope yet.

        I was wondering when the newer HD 4000 and HD 5000 ATI cards will have decent 2D and 3D with at least one driver. I mean, my requirements are not extensive. I can do gaming in Windows if I have to so the main priorities is basic 3D (Google Earth with no issues) and video so DVD and divx/xvid...

        If ATI can deliver that, I would look for an ATI card to upgrade my Geforce 7950 GT.

        As for my laptop, I hope ATI can optimize the OSS radeon driver for older cards. I know I won't get a good 3D experience but I know it can still do min. desktop effects so I don't want crashes.


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          What Radeons are supported from open source driver...some golden oldies?

          Im currently running Intel G31, test with HD4550 didn't go so well bad card i guess i did install the latest driver but, card did just died.

          G31 can't run Second Life very well but other things more than OK like Google Earth, Torcks, Warzone 2010 and 1080p from Youtube.

          Maybe i will stay on G31 or move to HD5450...?


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            Originally posted by filip007 View Post
            What Radeons are supported from open source driver...some golden oldies?
            Every Radeon card IS supported by the radeon driver, except Evergreen (5xxx) series for now, but these will be also supported in the coming days/months.



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              Looks like after hardware upgrade system did not install support for HD4550, extra desktop effects was not working then i install my self this drivers...

              Install was very easy but the stupid card stopped working properly i did tested with other system and the same problem, i send did back so better luck next time...