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What Do You Want In Linux Drivers This Year?

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  • What Do You Want In Linux Drivers This Year?

    Phoronix: What Do You Want In Linux Drivers This Year?

    NVIDIA has already released quite a few Linux drivers this year already that improve their VDPAU support and stabilize their OpenGL 3.0 implementation. Yesterday AMD had then released its first proprietary Linux driver of 2009 that brought OpenGL 3.0 support...

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    What I'd like to see is support for switchable graphics, so I can switch the graphics card without having to enter the BIOS to do a manual switch


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      Tell us in the Phoronix Forums what you hope to see from the proprietary and open-source X.Org display drivers in 2009.
      Opendrivers :

      -Non flickering 3d on rs690 (radeon X1200) so I can finally use EXA + Composite 3d effects on my kde4 desktop. Top priority.

      -Working GLEST... I'd love to play this game from time to time. Sadly menus do not work on ATI IGP cards right now.

      - DRI2 , GEM TTM or whatever that makes 3d apps work like they should while using compiz/kwin4

      Closed drivers :

      - Opening up ?


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        Back to basics !

        Originally posted by phoronix View Post
        Phoronix: What Do You Want In Linux Drivers This Year?
        Simply basic functionality and stability in current desktop and HTPC applications.

        Fglrx seems constantly broken with current desktop and kernel releases. Also VDR-SXFE has been broken as far as I know. All marketing features are less useful when the system hangs or output (like video) is unrecognizable.

        Radeon has been nicely improving lately - And has always been rock solid. This is indeed a fine solution where applicable.

        The problem is that the later generation AMD/ATI HW is still not adequately supported - especially in Radeon. And with RadeonHD it's still work-in-progress - and shaky at the best. (I got RS780 .. unfortunately )

        Nvidia seems to have it's own share of problems - And open source support is very unofficial at best. (Even with the unbelievable efforts of Noveau team !)


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          I just want wine to work properly with fglrx :'(


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            i cant tell you how exited i am to have a fully working gallium3d driver for ati cards


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              Open Intel drivers: faster 3D performance.

              Open AMD drivers: 3D support for R700 (and R800 if the documentation is released in time), OpenCL support, DRI2, KMS.


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                For the nvidia-driver:
                Full Xrandr 1.2-support.
                Some things in kde4 are still slow(scrolling maps in konqueror)

                For fglrx:
                STABILITY!!!!! I don't really care about features as long as that driver keeps annoying me(especially with vt-switching-stuff).
                Decently working power-management on my hd2400.
                Full, stable, Xrandr 1.2-support.
                Hardware video-decoding, supported by xine.
                transparent/working with compositing-wm opengl and xvideo-windows.

                For the opensource-drivers:

                That's my wishlist. I don't really care about kernel-mode-setting, I can live without it, though it could fix vt-switching-bugs...


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                  Support for kernel mode setting (KMS) and xrandr 1.2/1.3 in as many drivers as possible would be very very appreciated.

                  Also, I hope to see a nouveau release this year, their work has been great but it would be nice to have a stable, supported release.


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                    Finally a solution about the "two drivers for the same hardware" problem... Are they going to add r600/r700 support to radeon, too, now, or have they finally become sane again? (no offense against radeon devs, if the support had been first in radeon I'd say that to radeonhd devs, too; it's just that these double efforts don't seem good to me)

                    More progress, perhaps even docs by NVIDIA (I don't expect them though...)
                    Hopefully we'll get a working 3D driver this year.

                    OSS drivers in general: adoption of Gallium3D and further stabilization of the new graphics stack.

                    nv: I don't really care about that one as I'm an ATI user

                    KMS support (anyone having a clue wether fglrx will implement that one?)
                    DRI2 support
                    a more stable driver: can't create a second instance of X, yet; Compiz "blur windows" effect has not been working for several releases now; S2RAM never really worked when running Compiz at the same time IIRC;


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                      ALL that I want is don't ever need to bother with them again.. This means that it would be great if they just work decently

                      Now on a more serious note, better performance would be great.. It's very sad comparing video/2d/opengl/composite performance on my Mac machine with my Linux machines


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                        They've got all what i need. I cannot figure out any feature that lacks so maybe HybridPower.
                        -2D acceleration
                        -Compiz Fusion with xv
                        -video playback acceleration
                        -WINE without problems
                        -compatibility with Fedora


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                          Better kwin performance. I can play complex 3d games on my 7600GT, but the desktop still stutters sometimes.
                          Use less CPU and more GPU. I can still hit 100% CPU while redrawing KDE windows with compositing... the problem may be elsewhere but that doesn't make it less of a problem.

                          DRI2 already! Don't be shy to contribute to X more. Fix your problems with display corruption - I still can't play most games in Wine with your cards! Composited 2D in kwin is TERRIBLE (I switched to nvidia because of that). And finally, fix the faulty vsync in video.

                          More performance is needed. When it comes to features, you're the best. I want larabee NOW

                          Use less memory to do things faster and use less code to ensure stability where it's possible. Split up driver packs to make them lighter. And above all, cooperate more when it comes to the base packages - and the Linux kernel. I want to see kernel modesetting for AMD and Nvidia this year.


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                            3D for radeonhd


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                              Fixes around OpenGL/XVideo and compiz. ( 9.1 has serious problems with it)
                              • Distribution Specific Repositories w/ prebuilt packages ( Less hassle than having to go to the web site each time, and automatic updates are faster )
                              • Reboot-less updating ( update driver w/o having to reboot every time. )
                              • Overall Improved Stability
                              • Smaller download size
                              • OpenCL Support

                              • Fix modifying Mesa3D/Opengl so that other drivers can have 3D alongside the nvidia cards.
                              • Remove nvidia Xorg start up logo by default

                              • OpenGL support (enough for blender)
                              • AIGLX support also wouldn't hurt.