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    Originally posted by elvanor View Post
    Razer totally sucks in my opinion and I said that as someone that was one of their fans... I bought a Copperhead and a Lachesis. The copperhead was great but the left mouse button stopped working correctly after only two years -> completely unacceptable for a 60 $ mouse.

    I decided not to give up on Razer even with this problem, as the Copperhead had been a great mouse overall. So I bought a Lachesis.

    For a 80$ mouse it is a total disaster, and Razer should be ashamed of themselves. The first firmware was so bad that the mouse was almost unusable; the firmware correcting some issues was released monthes after they started to sell the first mice (!!)

    Even with the latest firmware, the mouse periodically jumps or won't move, I still use it but I have become used to those disasters... A $10 Logitech mouse would be better I think.

    Never again will I buy from Razer (oh, and to top that, they have no Linux support). I am looking to another company to buy my next mouse, Roccat may be an option, or Logitech - Logitech mice are excellent in terms of quality, that's not the case with Razer...

    PS: at my previous job I had a Razer Pro Mouse. That one was fine, but I only used it for a year, I guess it may have suffered from the same problem as the Copperhead if I continued to use it.
    I bought ROCCAT Kone about 7 months ago, still using it, still best mouse I ever had. Its succesful in every aspect of being gaming mouse. Only drawback can be practical lack of third mouse button (its there, just that wheel is really hard to press). But gaming with that, its awesome..


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      Had a Razer Lachesis (4000dpi version) for about a month now, and was curious about your comments regarding it's performance on the eXactmat.

      I swear the tracking sensor causes the cursor to skip/jump whenever it hits a 'wet' patch (yes, my hand sweats a little in AU). I *only* seem to notice this issue when it's over a small shiner/wetter spot on the mousepad.

      Can anyone else evidence this?

      I assume it's due to the "more precise" (less?) laser sensor, my 1600dpi Diamondback Plasma *NEVER* experienced this issue in 5 years. Sadly, it's buttons stopped working (what do you think my chances are of getting Razer to replace it?)

      Was anyone successful in having Razer swap the mouse for another (higher end?) model?

      Another (minor) issue with the Lachesis is my system immediately wakes up from S3 sleep while the mouse is connected (but it's a 5 year old motherboard - I have to replug it in at boot under Windows and sometimes under Linux for it to power-up, so it's probably not-quite getting the 5V and might be getting a small jolt on S3 power-down). Anyone also experienced this & any suggested fixes?


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        I've moved my lachesis to my mythbox. though not under heavy usage anymore, it seems to play nice. I have a sphex mouse pad for it.
        I've also use this:

        I've gone from a copperhead, lachesis, mamba.. IMHO the copperhead was the best, maybe from the use of

        I'm also from Aus..