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    Originally posted by frejen View Post
    The two main usages for the computer will be gaming and computer virtualization, gaming for leisure and virtualization for work.
    For virtualization, don't forget that low-end CPU usually don't have the virtualization extensions - VMWare should be ok without, but if you're into kvm (open source, and usually included by default by the distributions) you'll need them for good performance.

    On the AMD side, I think everything above a Sempron is safe (but I'm no expert and you'll have to check).

    On the Intel side, the 6XXX, 8XXX (dual core, the future 8XXX quad core won't have them) and 9XXX have virtualization extensions. Avoid the Celerons, 2XXX, 4XXX and 7XXX.

    Phenom is a good choice if you want to support AMD. They require more power than their Intel counterparts though (and Intel is also good towards open source). The processor prices won't really differ for the same performance (unless you want virtualization instructions on sub 100$ processor), Intel will have lower power requirement (just compare real power usage, not TDP), AMD on the other hand has really good sub-100$ motherboards (similar Intel-based motherboards are more expensive), so both choices can be great depending on your usage.

    AMD and Intel gains in 64 bit mode are about the same (a bit more than 10% on average, something like 12-15% on common applications, at least in Linux).
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      Bumping the thread for a new question. Due to various reasons i had to wait anyway. Now some new hardware is popping up in the stores iam watching. Today i noticed new motherboards, mobos with South Bridge 750 is mentioned on page 1. I have not seen any mobos with sb750 yet but among the new ones today i noticed: ASUS M3A78 PRO
      • AMD 780G/SB700

      Anything to get excited about or is it just wait for sb750?


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        If you haven't bought anything yet, then this is what you probably want:

        I'll get one of those, too, when the Phenom 45nm launches