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ASUS PB278Q WQHD LED PLS Professional Graphics Monitor

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    A lovely monitor

    I bought one of these a year ago.

    The high resolution over the usual 1920x monitors appealed to me but I didn't want to spend the earth and this looked the best deal. I paid about 500 in the end which was a lot but I felt I was going to use it a lot and justified it on those grounds.
    I wanted to do a lot of photo editing and desired the large resolution but also play the odd game like x-plane now and then. I paired it to a Asus 660ti-OC and run with Ubuntu.
    I recently added a Chromecast to the spare HDMI port on the back and will consider a Roku Stick when they arrive next month and use it as an occasional TV.
    The monitor has never failed me, has excellent colour reproduction once tweaked a bit with software for my liking, and the built in hidden speakers are great for TV use.

    The large base is a problem for me as it takes up such a lot of desk but I plan to replace with a vesa desk mount when I can.