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    Originally posted by Akka View Post
    I have a Filco Majestouch without numerical keys. But a alternative with numerical keys exist. It has a cable.
    My keyboard has brown switches. The color is matt black. It has no unnecessary functionality. It is stable and heavy. I really like the keyboard.
    I has full rollover or whatever they call it. As I understands it that means you can press whatever keys in the same time.
    Thank you for the suggestion, Akka, but unfortunately I already placed my order two days ago. The model I settled on was the CM Storm QuickFire Rapid. I chose that model mainly based on availability and price. I mainly wanted a full-sized keyboard with a ten-key numpad, but when I saw the price of the Rapid, I convinced myself that a compact keyboard is worth a try and could be a welcome change to my desk layout. =)

    In about a week or so, I'll post an update here for anyone curious about how I like it.


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      CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

      This is my final update to anyone who was reading this thread and curious about how things turned out. Before I get into my impressions of this keyboard, let me first say that I am very satisfied with this keyboard, and let me also thank everyone who contributed their advice in this thread. I am, of course, grateful to the posters who pointed me to CM Storm keyboards in the first place, but I also must express gratitude to everyone else who contributed their thoughts, as this has helped me make a more informed decision, as well as given me some ideas for what I'd like to purchase next if I want to pick up a second keyboard.

      As I wrote previously, the keyboard that I settled on was the CM Storm QuickFire Rapid with Cherry MX Blue switches ( is my favorite introduction to Cherry and other mechanical switches). The primary drivers that led me to choose this keyboard were availability - keyboards that I had ranked higher in my personal search were either more limited in terms of which online retailers offered them or were out of stock at the time that I placed my order - and price. I did not have any desire for fancy bling like backlighting or key lockouts. I was seeking a full-sized keyboard. The Rapid is a pretty straight-forward design without much in the way of "bling", but it is, however, a compact design that is missing the numeric keypad, also known as the "Ten Key" or "TK" by some keyboard manufacturers.

      I have been using the keyboard for about six days now. The functionality I had previously mapped to keypad keys I have mapped to multi-key combos instead, and so far I have not been missing the keypad one bit. With my old full-size Model M, I had to put the keyboard flush with the right edge of my desk's keyboard tray in order to sit centered with my home row keys, which meant that I had to put my mouse on the desktop proper. With this compact model, I can keep the mouse on the keyboard tray, which means I do not have to reach as far when I need to move my hand from keyboard to mouse. Based on this experience, I would say that unless you do a lot of numeric data entry or work in some other field that heavily relies on the keypad, go with a compact design.

      I am extremely satisfied with the Cherry MX Blue key switches. Keep in mind that I am a long-time user of Model M keyboards, which use the IBM buckling spring key switch design. I have read keyboard reviewers comment that they type faster with buckling spring switches than they do with Cherry MX Blue or etc., but personally for me it has so far been the other way around, with my performance on typing tests being 7 % to 10 % faster with this new keyboard than the Model M it replaced. I think that whether Cherry MX Brown, Blue, IBM buckling spring, Alps White, Topre hybrids, or whatever switch design is faster is going to be more up to the individual typist. In other words, YMMV.

      Although this keyboard is smaller than what I am used to, it is nonetheless a very nice, solid weight. I haven't weighed it, but it feels almost as heavy as a Model M, and definitely heavier than common keyboards. Additionally, there are inch-long rubber feet under the keyboard that help keep it from shifting or sliding.

      In a TTY, both Caps Lock and Scroll Lock LEDs work correctly. However, in X, the Caps Lock LED works fine, but the Scroll Lock LED does not. xev reports three events per press of the Scroll Lock key (normally it should report two - a press event and a release event), so maybe that has something to do with it. xset led 3 causes the Scroll Lock LED to light up, and xset -led 3 turns it off, so at least that much is working fine. Ultimately, I'm not gonna explore this any further, as it simply is of no consequence for me, but I suspect that this is a bug that would be trivial to fix or write some work-around for if someone with X input knowledge really wanted to.

      In summary, I am happy with this keyboard, and would recommend it to anyone else seeking a mechanical keyboard without bling or gamer features. Once again, thank you to all who assisted me in this decision.