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Samsung 840 EVO 120GB SSD

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    Originally posted by devonwarren View Post
    Did you update to the latest firmware?

    I am surprised by these benchmarks
    @Michael: It's a bit late but maybe here are two reasons for poor performance: ->

    Partition alignment
    Apparently, it’s quite important to align the partitions, especially on SSDs. If it’s wrong the disks can perform poorly and wear out more quickly. This disk uses a new technology (TLC) which has an unusual erase block size of 1536kb. I can’t find anywhere online which explicitly says to use that as the value for the sector boundary, but I guess it would be OK.
    I did find a question about aligning the partitions for these disks which explains how to use gdisk to do it. The answer suggests to use the lowest common multiple of 1.5 and 2 to be on the safe side: 6MiB. In brief, you use `gdisk /dev/sdX`, hit “X” for expert mode, “L” to set the sector alignment, and use 6144 as the value. Hit “m” to return to normal mode. Now “p” will show “Partitions will be aligned on 6144-sector boundaries” so you’re ready to create new partitions.


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      Well, with the latest FW things get really bad for most Linux users as 840 Evo falsely advertises queued trim. Samsung response to the problem is really impressive:

      'As Linux is open source and can be modified by anyone, *we do not support Linux*. We advise users to disable Queued TRIM in Linux, as doing so will allow Sequential TRIM to run in the OS. .... and have a good day'