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Ubuntu Aims To TRIM SSDs By Default

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    More on SSDs

    We are getting more off topic here, but @jwilliams you seem to be very anti SSD. Once I used my first one I could never go back. I have a Mini-ITX machine with an Intel i3-2120 and an OCZ 256GB SSD running Arch with Gnome 3.10 and a 3.12 kernel. The longest part of the boot process is me typing in my password and shutdown takes about 5 seconds. Big programs like LibreOffice Writer open almost instantly. And the box rarely uses more than 26w and it is very quiet (the only moving part is the CPU fan). I have never had any issue with the SSDs. My first system was an SSD boot drive (/), with swap and /home on a second HDD - fast enough for most people, but since then I just have an SSD and lay off data storage to my NAS.

    Failures do occur (so far not to me), but then I have had a few HDDs fail as well. I do back up important data to a NAS, but then I did that in the olden days of HDDs as well. A friend of mine recently had an early OCZ SSD die after just less than three years, and he did not even consider going back to an HDD. He got a new drive and restored his disk clone and went on his merry way.

    Just my opinion as a very happy SSD user.


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      Originally posted by grege View Post
      but @jwilliams you seem to be very anti SSD.
      Quite the opposite. I own many SSDs and I am highly satisfied with their performance and reliability.


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        My workplace-provided laptop has a SanDisk Sandforce SSD that just plain LOCKS UP upon large TRIM operations. I've just given up on having TRIM enabled on the thing.

        I hope Canonical will document this some way, so anyone with drives that behave this badly will know to blame the drive, not Ubuntu.


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          Does e.g. Fedora or Arch have TRIM enabled by default?


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            Originally posted by blackout23 View Post
            You are basically never going to write your SSD to death.
            I'm really not sure why there is such paranoia about SSDs. People do everything they can to reduce writes. Has everyone forgotten how catastrophically a spinner can go out? Does nobody realise that if you move your swap to a HDD then you're both reducing performance (particularly on Windows where swap is used all the time) and simply substituting wear on one drive with wear on another?


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              Originally posted by Bucic View Post
              Does e.g. Fedora or Arch have TRIM enabled by default?
              You make your own /etc/fstab on Arch and the wiki recommends setting "discard" as mount option with SSDs.


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                Exactly what are they discussing? It seems like a no-brainer that they ought add a daily cron job by default for supported drives.