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Unity Debacle Sets Back Ubuntu On The ARM Desktop

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    The spate of Phoronix articles slamming an Alpha (now only recently Beta) of an upcoming Ubuntu version is getting tiresome. I'm on the verge of cutting Phoronix from my feeds - you have to really search for the gems amongst all the Ubuntu-hate and binary-blob hate.

    In the last week : "Ubuntu's Unity is Also Painful for 2D", "AMD Catalyst on Blacklist of Junk", "Ubuntu Unity Proves Very Slow", "Radeon Power Management Still An Incomplete Mes", "2D Also Bad for Ubuntu Unity", and this article "Ubuntu Debacle Sets Back Ubuntu On the ARM Desktop".

    Sheesh. Somebody doesn't like Ubuntu (AMD). I get it. I don't need to read essentially the same article every day for a week to see that.

    I wouldn't even mind so much, but as I say, it's still 6 weeks away from release, and it's not an LTS.


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      Originally posted by dalingrin View Post
      Another example of why I prefer Qt over GTK.
      GTK has nothing to do with that. Unity isn't written using GTK. Itís written in Nux.


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        Sam & Daniel Van Vugt are working their asses off optimizing the shit out of Compiz & Unity. I still think all the pieces will come together in time for Ubuntu 12.10. Lots of work has been done, and it will show soon.