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OCZ Vertex 3 240GB SSD

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    Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
    So a brand new SSD is faster than a bunch of old SSDs that are fragmented beyond all belief after having been subjected to countless pointless benchmarks without trim or a secure erase afterwards. Big fucking news!
    Shining Arcanine is right... Basically SSD's don't get fragmented like a hard disk does. They might suffer loss of data space but that is about it...Usually it's unwise to defrag a SSD as it shortens their life span. Since there are no moving parts in a SSD and data is parallelised, you can have data in whatever arrangement you want. It shouldn't slow the device down and further more, phoronix would be using fresh installs on all drives. Or the review is pointless... I know for sure that I didn't gain any speed up from de-fragmenting my SSD. Even when it was 30% fragmented!


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      I recently shelled out for the OCZ Vertex 3 240GB and it's crazy fast. The majority of boot time is actually taken up by the BIOS self-test rather than system startup. However, it looks like you could get better performance and more space than Vertex 3 if you bought three or four Vertex 2 on a clearance sale and set them up in RAID0. This is especially true if you have an X58 chipset motherboard without SATA 6Gb/s ports.


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        Hell yeah that would be awesome! xD

        I could be wrong if the bus limits the overall speed.... Someone would have to test this theory ~wink wink~