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    Real life great mobo

    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    The P5N-E SLI is a TERRIFIC board. You can expect the review in early May, and the testing process isn't yet fully completed but right now if nothing else comes up, it will receive the Phoronix seal of approval.
    That's true Michael, I've just read your review published this day and I can tell the world that this motherboard is really good. We've just received+build+configure :
    Asus P5N E SLI
    Intel duo core 6320
    2 seagate 80GB RAID 1 (with mdadm fake raid)
    Asus EN 7600 GT silent 256MB
    Acer 2216W LCD
    2 GB G-skill cas 4 pc 6400 dual channel
    Antec sonata box

    + Ubuntu Feisty fawn (installed with alternate CD if you want to configure raid)
    Everything (at the moment) is working like a F-18 hornet. Haven't tried everything (like mics + sound card etc. don't really care by now...) but for a production environment (I mean real work here ;-) ) it's pretty good. Does anybody uses win** OS anymore ? (joking )
    Apart, we still have issues with X server and acer LCD 2216W wide screen whether we use nv or nvidia or even strange option in the xorg.conf, screen isn't really so good with ubuntu feisty.

    Thanks for your good advices.