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An alternative to X-Fi?

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    X-Fi is now supported in Kernel v2.6.31 or later.


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      Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
      If you care about quality, the Xonar DS is a very good choice.

      @MetalheadGautham:*if you care about recording multichannel analog audio, get a pro or semi-pro sound card. External cards often offer better quality than internal ones.

      If you care about playback, get a good quality sound card and a good stereo speaker setup. You can also use onboard, as long as you use an external digital decoder/amplifier with no loss in quality.

      If you care about mixing sequenced audio with live performance (e.g. record yourself while playing back a sequenced track), you'll also need low latency (10ms is the largest acceptable). The lowest latency I*have ever seen came from the SoundStorm chip on Nforce 2 motherboards (Athlon*XP*era) - with ASIO drivers, they could reach down to 2ms of latency!

      X-Fi will bring nothing but troubles if you try to use it for recording on Linux with its current drivers (maybe in a couple of years things will be better).
      I guess ALL my work would involve using JACK apps like JackRack, Hydrogen, Ardour2, etc.

      I hope to record multiple tracks with my band at the same time (a couple of mics at the drums, a mic for the vocals, 4 line-in points for the keyboards, the bass and two guitars and two extra mics).

      But I guess I can forgo that part and instead just concentrate on recording ONE track at a time and then use audacity/ardour2 to put 'em together.

      And I most certainly need to do work involving mixing sequenced audio with live performance. How would the latency be if I used JackAudio with a X-Fi card ?

      Would either a Xonar DS or a X-Fi do my job ?


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        Originally posted by MetalheadGautham View Post
        A quick question: I have onboard realtek sound. Is it worth getting ANY soundcard at all if I want better sound quality and an easier time converting my PC to an audio workstation doing recording and sequencing jobs ?
        I didn't notice a difference between integrated vs audigy 2. Im no sound editor tho.